What Are the Benefits of Being a Surfer ?

When the "kids" shouted "Let's go surfing" in those beach movies from long ago, they were mostly talking about soaking in some sun and riding the waves. As it turns out, they were taking part in an exercise that is aerobic and anaerobic at the same time. It can also help ease stress and keep a body toned and fit.

According to the Better Health Channel, you can get a lot of physical exercise from surfing that will ultimately lead to weight loss and a toned body. Surfing strengthens the core and legs. It's called "ocean therapy" because you develop your body through the constantly changing movement and height of the waves. Based on an activity calculator on Health Status, a 180-pound person surfing for 30 to 60 minutes can burn as many as 130 to 260 calories.

A 2010 study by the California State University looked at how surfing can improve a person's mood and prevent depression and stress. The study determined people described as depressed, angry or stressed become more calm, relaxed and happy after going through a surfing program for a few weeks. According to the Jimmy Miller Foundation, a program that helps individuals cope with mental and physical illness, surfers are more relaxed and effectively get rid of stress by staying close to nature and feeling free. People who engage in surfing, according to the University of California study, feel a deeper sense of tranquility, which boosts psychological balance as a whole

Surfers must do a variety of cardiovascular exercises like paddling, swimming and running to the water. Regular surfing can improve the amount of blood being pumped in and out of the heart and how the body uses its oxygen. Over time, it could help people tolerate expanded physical activities and keep up their strength while they're doing them.

As peaceful as a surfer can make it look, the activity is all about maintaining balance and anticipating where the next wave will take her. When the conditions of the ocean change, a surfer has to adapt quickly to stay on the board. So, surfing is also a mental exercise that can teach a person how to deal with different and changing scenarios. - Article From Sports Recreation

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