Waves Surf Academy Creates Children's Book for Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

We would like to share with everyone our Waves Surf Academy children's book , "Charlie Marlie Learns How To Surf"! We have mentioned the book previously but the book is now available for purchase online through Barnes & Noble's, Amazon, eBay & many more online bookstores!The book was created in collaboration between WSA, Joe to Maggio Children's Hospital & The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale!!

This book is dedicated to The Children of The Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. This book is a story that believes in positive change for the future. Charlie Marlie is a story about an elephant who lives on a island. Charlie feels lonely and unaccepted. Charlie meets a crab name Tizzy who teaches Charlie to overcome his fears and that anything is possible. Tizzy ends up teaching Charlie how to surf. In the process's Charlie becomes the islands surfing champion. The metaphor of the story is overcoming the waves of life and having a positive attitude. Believe to Achieve!

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