Frequently asked questions

If I have never surfed or gone paddle boarding can I still attend camp or a lesson?

Yes! Many of our participants are trying these activities for their first time.

What is the mininum or maxinum age for camp or a lesson?

For all camps and private surf lessons the minimum age is 5 years old. The maximmum age for camps is 15 years old. There is no maximum age for lessons. If your child is 4 years old and would like to atend camp or take a lesson please call 561-843-0481.

What items should I bring for camp or lessons?

Camp items depend on the camp location. We provide boards at all camp locations. Items for camp should include the following: Backpack, towel, sandals, sunblock, water, lunch or lunch money, hat, change of clothes , (optional) snorkel mask, (optional) electronics. For camps and lessons please wear a bathing suit suitable for a lesson.

Do you provide rashgaurds or wetsuits for camps & lessons?

We provide rashguards for all camps and lessons. We do not provide wetsuits, however we can refer you to local surf shops where you can purchase there.

Are the instructors Lifeguard certified?

All istructors are lifeguard certified and have experience working with kids and surf & sup instruction.

Do you have to be a good swimmer to particpate in camps or lessons?

Yes. Adult participants should be able to tread water. We usually stay in water no deeper then five feet. For ages 5-15 please let the instructor know if you are not a good or avid swimmer. We also provide swimming lessons.

Is lunch included in all the camp programs?

No. Lunch is only included at our private beach club camp programs. Our Delray Breakers Camp (Public Camp) must either pack a lunch or bring money to buy from Habit Burger Grill. Camper Lunch cost is $10 for Child's meal and $15 for Adult meal.

What is the Diffrence Between Delray Breakers Camp & Private Beach/Country Club Locations?

The Delray Breakers Camp is a program that is open to the general public. This camp is located at Delray Breakers Hotel. Our private club/country club locations are only availble for club members and club members guests.

Do I need to bring a surfboard or paddlebaord for camp or lesson?

No. We provide all equipment. Although campers or lesson particpants have the option of bring their own board. They are resposible for their own belongings. (optional)

Can I cancel a lesson?

All lesson deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. We have designated an instructor for your lesson prior to your lesson.

Can I cancel camp?

Camp deposits are non-refundable.If we have room in another camp program for another date we will provide the option of transfering to another camp session. If we have no more spots availble to transfer you will unfortanelty loose your camper slot.

Where are the adult camps and youth camps located?

The Adult Camp Programs are held during the same time and hours of the youth camp programs. These programs are completely seperate & with different instructors.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No. All payements are due upon registrastion. All payments are made in full.

Can I purchase a full week of camp and spread my "5 days" throught the summer?

No. One week of camp is available only for the full week, Monday-Friday. Otherwise you must purchase daily camp sessions.

Do you offer sibling discount rates?

Yes. One camper will pay the full weekly rate & the second child will recieve 15% off.

Do you offer veteran discounts?

Yes. All military veterans recieve a 10% discount on our camp sesssions. Identification for this dicount is needed. Please call 561-843-0481.

What other activites do the campers particpate in?

Campers activites depend on the location. Each location offers simillar and diffrent activity options. Some locations offer tennis, lacrosse ,basketball and field trips. For more information please contact 561-843-0481.

What happends if it rains at camp or during a lesson?

Rain is great. Thunder is another story. We only cancel camps or lessons if there is life threatning weather. Camps will usually remain open. All of our camp locations have shelter options. These shelter options incliude beach clubs & hotels.Lessons will be canceld and rescheduled at no additional fee.

What is the Instructor to camper ratio?

One instructor to every 7 campers. Although, we tend to over staff then under staff. Safety is our number one propirty. All instructors are LG Ceritifed.

How do you purchase lunch?

Lunch options are available the day of camp. You can choose from The Habit Burger Grill menu daily. Lunch payment is made the day of camp. We also provide free pizza on fridays for our weekly campers only. Daily campers can pay $5.00 for pizza on Fridays.