Team Building Surf Class!!!

If you are looking for a conference event or team building activity that is a little different, yet loads of fun for everyone, then our surf lesson team building session is the way to go. While having fun together, surfing provides for a unique shared experience that will bond your team for years to come. The experience of catching your first wave will be one that is remembered for a lifetime.

Saftey is Our Number One Priority!

Our annual lifeguard & surf camp safety class is next month! All Waves staff must undergo a lifeguard certification course and an annual surf camp safety class. This is mandatory for all instructors and is designed to prepare them for ocean centric emergency situations through practice, preparation, and repetitions. Saftey is our number one priority!

Catching Waves With WSA Founder Eric Dernick!

Pictured here is WSA founder Eric Dernick catching a wave in Nicaragua! All of our surf instructors go on various surf trips throughout the year to improve their surfing endurance, skills and knowledge of the sport. Our next team surf trip will be in Costa Rica!

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